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How You Can Grow Back Your Receding Gums In No Time With The Help Of These 4 Natural Remedies

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Receding gums can be a potentially harmful issue if not addressed and resolved in time. The space left behind from this is perfect for bacteria growth.

Periodontal disease is a progressed form of gingivitis. It first starts off with a buildup of bacteria and plaque within the gums and the teeth. Over time, stuck-on plaque damages the gums and causes them to fall back from the teeth. In severe cases, pockets form between the teeth and gums. This creates a breeding ground for even more bacteria and plaque to form causing receding gums.


You see when the gums covering our teeth begin to wear away it looks as if our gums are receding. This leaves the root of the tooth directly exposed in most cases and is extremely painful. There are quite a few symptoms of receding gums:

Your teeth will become more sensitive. Your teeth may increase in size. You may feel toothaches or pains another symptom of receding gums.

This receding gum issue can be caused by gum disease, lack of oral hygiene, aggressive brushing, hormonal imbalance, smoking, or even genetics. If you discover that you are in fact dealing with this issue in time your doctor can treat your teeth with root preparation or tooth scaling. Though if this isn’t caught in time you may end up having to go through surgery on your gums in order to undo the receding.


If you want to avoid surgery you might want to look into some of the home remedies I am going to list below. Granted if your issue is severe please do see a doctor.

How do we make the receding gums ‘grow back’?

Good Hygiene

Utilize good hygiene above all else, do not brush your teeth aggressively be gentle. Be sure to use circular movements and use a brush that has soft bristles. Floss every day and if possible brush after each meal. This may help prevent to receding gums

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is known to be very beneficial to our health for many different things. Using a mouthful of this gel as a mouthwash will help grow your gums back as it fights off versus swelling and work to turn cells back on. After brushing and flossing your teeth put some  Aloe Vera gel in your mouth brush your gums and teeth gently for at least five minutes then wash your mouth out well. This will help help stop receding gums naturally.

Oil Pulling

This is known for healing cavities and is full of anti-inflammatory properties. Using sesame oil for this will help to form a protective layer over your teeth and help reduce plaque. Warm the oil up a little and swish it around in your mouth. Does this for one whole minute the first time then increase the amount of time each time you do it? This if done properly can help prevent receding gums.

Green Tea

Drinking one cup of green tea a day will work towards combating the free radicals that can trigger disease that can cause receding gums.

Try to eat healthily as well as junk food does nothing but help bacteria to grow inside your mouth. Eat more veggies and consume less sugar. Receding gums are very unsettling and one should not have to endure going through this issue. Please take the time to put these natural remedies to use and make you a little healthier. There is no harm in trying. 

Taking care of your oral health is very important. Your mouth is a great indicator of your general wellness, and an oral infection can affect your whole body. Be gentle with your teeth, and go to the dentist if you have any persistent discomfort. But then it is also another good natural remedy for receding gums.

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