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How to make money from black tube

  1. Goto this website black tube
  2. Register for an account there
  3. Create a Facebook account
  4. Make it a female account
  5. Go to, goto a female profile account, you will see her pictures, download all.
  6. Go back to Facebook, use some of the pictures as your profile pictures and cover, you will start receiving uncountable friends requests from these Indians and north guys. Keep accepting their requests. You will start having more friends.
  7. Now update your Facebook status with some of the pictures downloaded from keep doing this sometimes. You will be receiving messages from these guys for your naked pictures and some unnecessary questions.
  8. To achieve the black tube monetization requirements the easiest way, just share your black tube links to your status, profile, and to some of the guys in your dm. Within two days, you will achieve your 200 subs on a black tube.
  9. Now you are done with the 200 subscribers’ requirements. It left with 10,000 views requirements. Just go back to the, and look for the same female that you downloaded her pictures, you will surely see some of her videos, download them, and edit.
    Upload the edited videos to the black tube and you will see people watching the videos.
    These will let you achieve all the black tube monetization requirements and you will start receiving revenues on your videos upload
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