How to get unlimited HQ proxies with backconnect HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS5 for fortnight, Netflix

1- Go to this website:

2- Go to TextNow and register with a Gmail account:

3- Go back to fineproxy then scroll down and find “TRY A FREE PROXY!”

4- Go grab the phone number you got from textnow and put it to the Phone example “+1224111111” then complete I’m not a robot and click receive.

5- After waiting 60 seconds of getting the code to the virtual number put the code you got to Enter SMS CODE”

6- Go to and “Click GO INBOX” and copy the email and go back to fineproxy then paste the email to E-MAIL, then click “GET A PROXY TEST”

You will receive an email and password to the email you just put on it, then after you received the email and password go to and activate your 30 min trial.

Put your IP by finding it on then put the email that you already received the email and password.

7- On the left side you see proxies than download HTTP or SOCKS4/SOCKS5.

Then repeat it if you want more proxies doesn’t matter how many times you can put the same IP but they still will give you the proxies.

You can use this method multiple times without getting your IP banned

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